J-STAR GROUP OF COMPANIES introduces a J-STAR lifestyle COVERAGE CARD technology, through which we aim to bring ease and happiness in the life of every Pakistanis by providing them discounts on various brands of Pakistan. Not only we are limited to offering discounts on different brands, we also provide our clients life insurance (accidental, disability, disease) and fee waiver for academic institutes through our J-STAR COVERAGE CARD we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services able to add on additional.

Serving the interests of our clients. Personalized support and relationships matter to us.

J-SATR GROUP OF COMPANIES – Assurance to Future Nation by Investing in Business and Education for Better Pakistan! we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services able to add on additional.

J-STAR GROUP OF COMPANIES is themed to add meaning to your living. With this innovative technological endeavor, we offer a one-stop solution to three key ‘life preferences’ for our users. Now, instead of loading your wallet with dozens of discount and royalty cards, get the replacement of all simply with “J-STAR COVERAGE CARD” and experience the ease and luxury it offers.

  • Provision of COVERAGE CARD
  • Education continuation Coverage for minors or Accidental Life insurance.
  • Discount nation-wide on various brands and outlets (Food, shopping, beauty, travel etc.)
  • J-STAR Student Cards” (You/your kids qualify for school/university fees paid by J-STAR*)
  • We also Offers;
  • Student Laptops*
  • Umrah Packages for card holders*
  • Holiday Package*
  • Overseas education scholarships*
  1. SECP, Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  2. FBR, Federal Board Revenue
  3. PRA, Pakistan Revenue Authority
  4. CUI, Corporate Union international
  5. ISO, International Standard Organisation
  6. IPO, Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan
  7. PESSI, PAKISTAN Employees' Social Security Institution